Thurs., Nov 2, '17 Has it been 2 years away from writing? Chauna Craig at Atticus Review helped beat Canada Geese into a story. Have never been prouder of anything I've done. It's important to be part of a larger community like Atticus, with Chauna and David Olimpio to challenge and make you transparent. It isn't possible to do this alone.
Wed., Nov. 3, '15 On March 10, 2015, Andy Fitch and I recorded an interview on A Lily Lilies,which appears in The Conversant, October 2015 issue. It is part of his exploration of "interpersonal and intertextual constellations that have helped to shape the work done by Nightboat’s authors, publishers and designers." Nightboat will publish Andy's interview collection with Nightboat contributors of the last decade late next year.
Tues., Aug 26, '14 My review of Hilda Hilst's With My Dog Eyes out in Your Impossible Voice. This was a challenging read. Ploughing through the very very long 59-page slog to find the story in what is a single long rant may be off-putting if you're picking up Hilst for the ideas and language (in translation), so the review contains that story fully. This took a pretty long time.

Amee's wedding coming now less than 3 weeks. Still can't get Richard into a tie. Still trying.
Mon., Aug 18, '14 "Patterns and Oral Law" finally completed and sent to WLT. Thank you, Michelle. The very frank and helpful feedback from the journal helped to focus this essay. I think it may be the most valuable piece I've ever written because of what it combines and how it does it.
Wed., May 14, '14 "So Little" out in Brevity. The permanent link is here. What a beautiful online journal this is. Thank you for including me. A related blog, "Movement and the Essay" can be found here. A review from Piece Meal is here.
Sat., Nov. 30, '13 "Pieces of Staging" out in Your Impossible Voice, Issue Two. Thank you Alvin Lu and Stephen Beachy.  Available for eReaders and tablets via, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, and  Kobo. Print copies available on demand through MagCloud.
Wed., July 24, '13 It may not be apparent, but there's always a principle; maybe a word, a phrase or a point, as in an argument.

I'm thinking of phrases that thoughts can spin on--little hells, little heavens. Arguments that need to be won--like which side of a road cars should drive on, which kind of words should be built on with other words, like rush and goodbye. Teachings, like dress warm for the winter, wait till you're served. A point, like we have to go, or we'll go crazy if we stay (in the apartment) (in the country). 

Or a glimpse of a way of life, for example, a way of life's approaches to beginnings. Don't begin until you are well underway. Don't begin until you have mapped out everything you need. Move forward when you think beginning may never happen. Like, we begin to turn on the fan when it gets warm, begin to shout when we can't depend on our feet to take us away from a place.

The principle of familiar things done differently in another place.
Mon., June 4, '13 Melancholia by Kristina Marie Darling came just now and it's a very very sweet little book with a mention of Lilies.
Sat., May 18, '13 Out today in iArtistas7 which you can only access via ipad, a piece of prose, "An Act of Rebellion"
Thurs., April 19, '13 "Identity we are willing to have," my essay out today in the Boston Review.
Thurs., April 18, '13 Four Poems of mine out today in the Boston Review as part of National Poetry Month -- Yesterday, Outside, Framing and Mid-day Fantasy. 
Thurs., Feb. 7, '13 Dwelling on the impulse to move. Leah takes the impulse and makes patterns of movement. I can dwell on the impulse to move for a whole book and never move. 
Sat., Feb. 2, '13 Today we decided to start on that second book. !
Sun., Jan. 27, '13 Amazing things happen and I don't know how to feel. 
Sun., Jan. 27, '13 Do I like the desert so much and like the jungle of Malaysia less? The truth is I never knew the jungle. I knew the cities because we moved often. 
Tues., May 8, '12 Jane Stojak sent a new review of Lilies from Drunken Boat.  Leah wrote too and said she's sending a video of the terrific student Lilies show at Swarthmore. After a long day of working on the peacemaking program guidance, my heart is a bit in my shoes. This review was very kind to the work calling it "startlingly strong" even with some beginning stumbles, and found the play between Leah and me, and the back and forth in "choreographer's ledger."  
Thurs., April 26, '12 Swarthmore students are doing dress rehearsals now.  Winter Garments, Witness and Return among the pieces, and they're also titling the dance "to give a name to."  Did they treat Lilies like that tiny book folded up in a back pocket with writing all over and folded over pages like we first wanted, before it became this bigger sized art book?
Sat., Mar 17, '12 Caught another review of lilies today from the Kenyon Review, and posted it on facebook.  It’s a meditation on the link between poetry and dance generally. Campana, the reviewer, doesn't much like my poems, finding them "pedestrian" but he finds a great deal of poetry in Leah's notes that is compelling in her description of movement! 
Sat., Mar 9, '12 Read the first review of Lilies today from ThinkingDance which was so good I just can't get out of bed. Rehearsals and performances at the Garage have been a real experience, but for a non-performer is very tough. "Do your job" -- I can do this. Understanding that being alone is very necessary to being exposed later. Listening to "I'll Do Anything Once" by the Strokes and "Cool" by Gwen Stefani over and over.  Calm down, don't be this afraid.
Sun., Nov. 6, '11 Big Blue Marble Bookstore reading of A Lily Lilies on Oct 8 postponed in order to fly to KL because of mum's surgery and only just got home. The book tour otherwise awesome.

Bing made some videos of the AAWW performance, they are at the readings link.
Sat., July 16, '11 Celebration tonight at Gloria Emerson's, I thought the focus would be on Navajo artists but Gloria brought out her copy of Lilies.  Lorraine Nakai, Venaya Yazzie, Esther Belin and I read stories and poems, James Joe showed a new painting and his portfolio, and there were others named Ed and Sonia from Cameron and Cortez, and an anthropologist named Anthony who all spoke about creativity on the reservation and what community means.  Lorraine spoke of "decolonization of the brain."  I followed up about what it takes to decolonize that brain, Venaya talked about the importance of political activism.  Esther asked why Maria's Bookshop had her book under Native Americans instead of poetry.  It was a brilliant and bitter-sweet evening, it always is when people of color come together for art.  It is always a celebration and a grieving too, partly because the establishment art-ways of selling yourself is often counter to deep-rooted cultural instincts.  Also, there is a communal feeling that art has to include historical losses.  Pictures are at  
Wed., April 13, '11 Met w Libby Cowell at Maria's Bookshop w/ Liz, brought her 2 more books (total 3), set for an Fall event.  Lots to work out.       
Fri., April 8, '11 Nice time at Artwalk but very tired, left at 7 pm.       
Thur., Mar 24, '11 Odd to post again after 2 weeks of staying up at night just looking up news.  Lunch with Liz and Michael, Liz says I should stand next to the wine table again at the next Artwalk, well I'm game for anything especially humiliation.  Michael said the reading had helped him understand the poems, he liked the informality, the stories and the actual sound of words.  I'd love in future to just have other people read from the book, or go to classes where dance or movement students would read from it and tell me what they think.     
Fri., Mar 11, '11 First full reading of Lilies in Farmington.  This morning eastern Japan hit by quake and tsunami.     
Sat., Mar 5, '11 Pip's party to celebrate her new neutral tone upstairs wall to wall carpet from Flooring America including stair runner and incidentally to launch Lilies started 6-ish.  Did dry run reading for Lilies then tried for first time getting people talking about what it takes to collaborate, Hoyle and Jane performed a song they wrote about the passion it takes to make art.  Format needs tweaking otherwise very nice.   
Tues., Mar 1, '11
Found a video on youtube of a girl speaking and dancing to Lilies.
Sun., Feb 20, '11 Adrian took Lilies with him on a road trip to Sedona and wrote some music to it.   
Sun., Feb 13, '11 Leah temporarily lost her car in NYC.   
Fri., Feb 11, '11 Great great time standing next to wine table.  Only asked once to stand on head by Larry King.  Asked people to read the poems themselves out loud, much better than reading myself.       
Thurs., Feb 3, '11 Books arrive in Farmington.     
Wed., Feb 2, '11 Books arrived at Leah's via UPS, so much joy.  They don't look like books, they look like a place.  Good that we fought for this cover.  No sign of the UPS man or books here but it's a magical evening, senses very sharp and alive, Orso, David and Richard all very present while outside it's brutally cold.   
Mon., Jan. 31, '11 Blizzard is rolling in for the AWP off-site launch.  Leah wants to travel to D.C. to read in the storm! 
Fri., Jan. 21, '11 Lunch at AK w/ Liz and Daniel to chat about websites, artwalks, collaborations, panels, exposing, the tragic beginnings of ? and setting up readings, after having no sleep.
Fri., Jan. 14, '11 Venue in NYC for Feb 13 for Nightboat Winter Launch will be Poet's House, which moved from Spring Street to River Terrace sometime this decade.  Leah will do it solo.    Talked with Bing for the first time in months.  He was our first choice to write a blurb.
Wed., Jan. 12, '11 Stephen tells us book is shipping soon.
Mon., Jan. 10, '11 Funding appl. sent for choreography and performance premiere, likely 2012 in Philadelphia.
Fri., Jan. 6, '11 Sent in alternate collage, dancers now in color, edges softened, no more pixilation.  HR sent back 2nd and final version of book cover -- the second cloud is back.  This will work. 
Thurs., Jan. 6, '11 Cover will not work because the b&w dancers in collage print out pixilated due to having been blown up from a slide.  Stephen says we will not be happy.  Need alternative.
Mon., Jan. 3, '11 Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Mt. Airy outside Philly is a venue, no date.
Sat., Jan. 1, '11 Begin on-line line beginnings
Wed., Dec 22, '10 After four passes to final then 2 more passes (of the final), the ms. is ready.  Thank you for treating this book with super patience and care. 
Sun., Dec 19, '10 Will webmaster a site for Liz's paintings in return for outreach/events for Lilies.  No idea how to market ourselves but more than happy to push each other's work.
Sat Dec 18, '10 Reminded by CD that all Lost Roads things were donated to the Beinecke Library at Yale.  Will try b&w images for the website.     
Thur, Dec 16, '10 Book cover came today.  Kazim says it's gorgeous.       
Sat Dec 11, '10 How much and what should be shared in this journal?  Should it be about the writing?  Can it be about making a laundry room cabinet door?   
Sat Dec 11, '10 Finished website; no choice but to have one since am very inept at public speaking; need to step up and help publicize Lilies.