A young woman climbs to the top of a mound and removes her shoes.  She is mapping the length of the mound.  She is mapping the flint (sun) for whom the mound is a texture in the air.

Mapping the earth

and it is the shape of an ear.


Words are movement. I am inspired to map a mound with my bare feet - to find a way for one dancer, eyes closed, feet bare, to be supported by the other dancers - (a moving mound of dancers - as landscape, as shadows, as the mass of air and earth). Her feet are her eyes - discovering textures and testing solidity, can my foot reach here? Can I put my weight there? Where is my weight? Am I directing it - or is it being moved by the "mound"? Guided by the "flint (sun)"? She is listening and seeing with her feet through bright and shadow together.

Mapping - infinite place of discovering. I use the word "mapping" often in teaching and dancing. The map of the body is infinite. 

FEET Michele kneeling, back to audience, toes curled under, hands on ground in front of her. Light on her feet - as much as possible - the soles of her feet are lit, while the rest of her is in shadow. Glowing soles - like hands and fingers - she migrates across the stage - from right to left - skirting, scuffling, pausing, taking time and moving with clear intent, discovering, lead by her glowing feet. 

from A Lily Lilies

Poems by Josey Foo, Notes on Dance by Leah Stein